We just got back from Chef’s Continuous Automation Summit that was held in Chicago. Since we’re all about automation, we couldn’t miss this one. Our highlight was a sneak peek into new roadmap items. Bill Meyer, one of their Sr. Solutions Architects, did his thing. A handful of presentations also went through case studies of how customers use Chef solutions.

Not everyone can carve out time to attend these types of events. What I like the most about them is the focus. For example, a presentation covered how Chef was being used to automate compliance in the Healthcare Industry. It didn’t relate exactly to some of our customers’ needs, but there were mentions of scale and process that was helpful to continue innovating in our space.

Event Takeaways

As a personal thing, we always love checking out new event venues in Chicago. So, Morgan MFG in the West Loop did not disappoint. We took away knowledge, but we were always jazzed about Chef swag! Thanks again, Chef!

moleskine in chef orange

Moving Forward

As mentioned, we live and breathe automation. We also love to get a pulse of how organizations are incorporating automation or cloud technologies. Surprisingly, even some of the conference attendees with mature IT departments didn’t have the fundamentals (e.g. managed backup or disaster recovery) set up correctly. It means a lot more opportunity to keep on spreading our cloud and automation solutions, but it also means that the overall marketing of the industry hasn’t caught up with the execution of its tools and methods.

At 27Machines, we’ll keep on plugging away!

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