27 Machines helps companies embrace cloud technologies
to streamline the ways they get work done.


Since 2007, our founding team made its mark taking on-premise software and making it all work in the cloud. We pride ourselves as innovators working with early cloud technology such as Mosso, which eventually rolled up into Rackspace, or Amazon Web Services and its initial offerings: EC2, SQS, and S3 cloud storage. The industry continues to evolve, and we stay fresh expanding our knowledge of modern cloud computing services such as Microsoft Azure.

Throughout those years, we learned that it takes more than just technical skill. Adopting the cloud involves a change in a customer's culture and support for a forward-looking mindset. Even as cloud technology advances at a rapid pace, we understand that our customers need a partner to help them demystify all the services and hone in on what should be top priorities. These priorities turn into initiatives. These initiatives result in our clients' running their businesses better.

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We strive to be DRY in all aspects of our company. DRY means "Don't Repeat Yourself" and is a principle in software development that focuses on being efficient. Examples are reducing repetition in code and not storing multiple copies of the same data.

To achieve DRY outside of software development, we adopt an Automation First mindset. Internally, we keep our business templates as current and plug-and-play as possible; we notice busybody work quickly and eliminate it; our knowledge base continues to help us not repeat the past. We recognize repeatable manual processes and work to replace it with automation.

The result is Automation First frees up time for people to start focusing on new initiatives. We always ask our clients this question, "What is your core business?" We have yet to hear someone mention "pasting data into Excel" or "applying the latest software update" as their answer.

Focus on your core business. Let us concentrate on solving this problem: "There's not enough time in the day."

We will discover what eats up your team's time today and how can automation and cloud technology help for the future. We are all about Automation First.

Inspirations also shape and form our philosophy and culture. See what inspires 27 Machines.


Our team made their mark in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) space with a focus on scale, uptime, and security. This led to building a company that delivers cloud technology and automation efficiently based on our customers' needs.

Wesley Rizal


Our team obsesses over how cloud technology can transform businesses . If you can help build, sell, or support solutions that support our mission, we want you as a part of our team! 

Location Agnostic

27 Machines is based in Chicago, Illinois, but our focus in cloud technology and automation allows us to adopt a location agnostic approach to building out our team. Our team delivers results regardless of where team members are. This is definitely not a new concept and we have firmly embraced how Basecamp, another Chicago-headquartered company, runs their business.

Ultimately, we strive for diversity and quality when growing our team. If you are interested to learn about open positions in the future, subscribe to our newsletter.