Cloud BDR

Our popular cloud offering that helps backup your systems
and provide reliable disaster recovery

Cloud BDR delivers reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery

Continue running your business if disaster strikes. On-premise backup storage can only go so far. 

Cloud BDR regularly stores your crucial data safely while providing the ability to pop up a cloned environment when you need it.

Solution Features



Save Your Critical Data Reliably

Get the coverage needed to make sure your data is safe on a regular basis. Your data is safe and secure in the cloud and will be accessible when needed. We act as your primary backup and upgrade your current backup methods.



Clone Your Systems

Identify your crucial systems and have them cloned. When disaster strikes, know that your cloned systems can be popped up on demand. Your cost is tailored to your business to gain you the IT insurance that you need. 



Security That You Expect

AES256 and SSL are utilized to protect your data. These are the same technologies use by the military and financial service companies. We also retain your data based on your archival needs. 

The Results

The combination of automation and cloud technology provides a backup and disaster recovery solution to rely on. Replace or add to what you do today to maintain business continuity.