Our inspirations shape our culture and how we do business.


To get a better sense of what drives 27 Machines, it's the inspirations that help influence how we do business. Here is a list of people, companies, and other things that drive us to innovate and do better every day:

People That Inspire Us

We admire individuals that challenge how things are done. They think differently and love sharing how they think. If you recommend any others, contact us!

Tim Ferriss

James Altucher

James Altucher on Tim Ferriss

Jason Fried

Podcasts That Inspire Us

We are big believers in podcasts. It's definitely efficient in how it fits into our daily lives, but it provides an intimacy if done right.

Science of Success

The James Altucher Show

Companies That Inspire Us

Anyone can make a buck. The companies that are genuine, honest, and zag when others zig always get our attention.

Basecamp and the founders' blog, Signal V. Noise.




Orbit Media Studios